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Shot Luges/Slides by Ice Matters™



These are made for pouring beverages directly onto the ice slide and into your mouth. 

We recommend pouring only pre-chilled beverages onto the ice.

Our Shot Luges are made to order and available for pick up at our ice studio located at

Our Private Residence

756 North Brooksvale Road*

Cheshire, CT  06410

* Barn with Silo's off Whispering Hollow Court:

Turn onto Whispering Hollow from North Brooksvale Road and


(if you see a nice house, you missed us...if you see a cow you found us!)

To order one of our Ice Shot Slides please call / e-mail me, Jen, in the office at (203) 271-3736 / with the date you need your shot slide, your name and cell number. 

The BIG question:

"When do I have to order by?"

One weeks notice is preferred...

orders placed after noon on Wednesday may be limited to what we have in stock.

I will also need the name and cell number of the person picking up your shot slide and the shot slide you would like to order.  Pick up times vary based on our delivery schedules and will be determined by the Thursday or Friday before pick up.  Please let me know your preference and we will do our best to accommodate.

Thank you!  We appreciate your business!


See bottom of page for important pick up information and available add-ons.


1/4 Block Shot Slide

Our 1/4 Block shot slide is approx. 13" tall with a 29" Slide, 2 Tracks* and approx. 45 Pounds.

*one curvy and one straight

Pick Up Price:  $60.  No Personalization.

Our Half-Block shot slide is approx. 25" Tall with a 40" Slide, 2 Tracks* and approx. 90 Pounds.

 *one curvy and one straight

Pick Up Price:  $100

($25 and up for personalization)

Half Block Luge with 2 Tracks

This Full Block Shot Slide, aka:  the "Bill Luge" is 40" Tall with a 30" Slide and 2 tracks* side by side.  Approx. 170 Pounds. 

*one curvy and one straight  

Pick Up Price:  $150 

($25 and up for personalization)

Full Block Shot Luge with Wording Bill Luge

Full Block, Double Sided Luge

This Full Block Shot Slide, aka:  the "Matt Luge" is 40" Tall with two 30" Slides facing each other with 1 straight track each.  Approx. 170 Pounds. 


Pick Up Price:  $150 

($25 and up for personalization)

Nautical Luge with Engraving


We also make custom full-block shot slides, pick up price starting at $ price starting at $375.

What can we create for your next party?

Shot Slide and Martini Luge Combo

Patriotic Shot Luge with Logo


Like any professional would, we made sure the luge was working properly...

Custom Shot Luge with Plaque

Custom Shot Luge with Plaque

Full Block 40 Base with Engraving

Full Block with 50 Base and Engraving

Studio 54 Shot Slide Surf Board Luge with Wave Base Frat Shot Slide with Skull and Crossbones
Rifle Frozen Into Block Shot Slide Guitar Luge Eagle Shot Luge

Corono Bottle Shot Luge with Bottle Holders

Beer Stein Beer Stein

Custom Bill Luge with Snowfilled Engraving

Dagger Luge Pistol Luge

Half Block Luge with Engraving


Money Luge with Green LED's


Our shot slides are free standing and can be placed on a sturdy table.  They can fit in the back seat of a car or truck and you should bring a moving blanket or sleeping bag when you pick up.  The blanket will be shrink wrapped around the ice luge, the thicker your blanket the better insulated your luge will be.

Drip Pans are recommended for any shot slide you plan to use indoors and are available for purchase, $15 each.  

LED Lights are also available for purchase, please let us know when you place your order if you would like to add LED's as we will drill 2-4 holes in the shot slide for the lights, add $10.  Color choices:  white, blue, red, green, pink, purple, orange or color changing (red/green/blue)

Naughty Luge $275 Naughty Luge $175 Naughty Luge $175

Full Body Lady Luge Full Body Lady Luge

We also make fun shot slides for

bachelor and bachelorette parties

(pictures hidden above under "photo coming soon" boxes), 

ice beer mugs and

ice shot glasses!

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