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- Living Things Matter -

Animal Designs

by Ice Matters

-Decorative and Functional Designs -


Polar Bear drinking a martini  Sea Turtle  Carved Falcon

Hand Releasing Dove  Triceratops  Double Butterfly

Flamingo  Kissing Angelfish Single Pour Drink Luge  Carved Dog

Dragon Head    Tiger Single Track Shot Luge

Butterfly  Dachshund Single Track Shot Luge  Seahorse  Elephant with Plaque

Polar Bear  Single Block Horse

Dog and Cat  Reindeer and Clock

Japanese Fish Single Pour Drink LugeRoosterParrot

Fish in center of 80 inch tray with side trays  Lion

Large Starfish  Shark

Ram Head in Relief  Horse Head  Sailfish

Unicorn  Chinese Dragon  Paw Print Monogram

Peacock  Two Fish and a boat for shrimp

Dogs  Dogs

Sailfish raw bar  Owl

  Single Track Carved Horse Head Shot Luge  Glitter Flamingo Logo  Horse Head Single Pour Drink Luge

Rearing Horse  Camel

Japanese Fish  Giraffes  Starfish on single pour drink luge with shells frozen in block

Penguin with two 40 inch trays  Lobster


Double jumping sailfish  Phoenix in relief

Wolf  Mermaid

  Sushi Tower on each side of laminated logo with carved bull on 60 inch base tray  Frog Leaping over Lilypad

Dragon Tray

Carved Cricket single track shot luge  Buck and Doe in hot tub

Robin  Carved Butterfly Finishing Touch Luge - Pour on ice and into glass