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- Milestones Matter -

Graduation, Retirement,

Baby & Religious Designs

by Ice Matters

Multi Block Year on free standing base

Cub Scout Arrow of Light Graduation to Boy Scouts  Boy Scout Eagle Ceremony - Carved Eagle and Fleur de Lis

Single block year carved out  Retirement sculpture

Pictures frozen in ice with chosen school on plaque in front  Beer Bottle  Custom Double Track Shot Luge with wording down side and mascot in base

Double Track Shot Luge with State of Texas in base and well wishes down side  Gratitude Drink Luge

Class of logo with colored sand and graduation cap topper

Year Carved with Salimanders frozen onto block  Harley Davidson Retirement Theme

Baby Carriage  Year carved on tall base with picture frozen into block in front

Carved year with large personalized base  Baby Bottle Drink Luge

NYC theme graduation celebration  

  Custom Logo for Baby Boy

Police Badge with Gold Glitter and Snowfill  Graduation Logo with Snowfill and colored sand and picture frozen into block  Church Logo

All Aboard Theme Graduation Celebration

  Cross with plaque  Elephant Baby Shower Logo

Minnie Mouse with a Baby Bump  Baby Shower Logo