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by Ice Matters

Small Logo and Whimsical Building  Japanese Fish and Pedestal Trays

Snowfilled Logo  Individual Table Centerpiece - Enchanted Rose  Fish and Logo in ice

80 Inch Tray with Custom Carved Witch  Caviar Tray  Vase

Personalized Double Track Shot Luge  Logo with Carved Shell Accent  Personalized Photo Op 

Crashed Car Single Pour Drink Luge  Double Pour Drink Luge with Logo and Bottle Holders

Snowfilled Logo on Personalized Base cut out for Sushi Display  Single Track Art Deco Shot Luge  Snowfilled Logo on V Lined Base

Double Track Shot Luge - into Glass, Personalized   Poker Chips with Year

Runner Logo with Plaque Accent  Logo with Snow and Glitter  Custom Double Track Shot Luge

Logo with Laminated Picture  large Logo  Heart Valve

Motorcycle  Custom Building

Coffee Cup and Donut  Custom Truck

  Snowfilled Logo  Custom Microphone  Abstract Water Droplet  Wrench in relief

Custom Building  Karate Logo  Custom Nautical Double Track Shot Luge

Logo with Color and Snowfill  Logo snowfilled and carved around on back of tray

Remote  Logo snowfilled and carved around  Personalized Single Pour Drink Luge with Snowfilled Eiffel Tower  Custom Menorah

Custom Combo Shot and Drink Luge  Boat on Tray  Personalized and Carved Logo  Silk Flowers Frozen into base of double track shot luge

    Unicorn  Personalized and Custom Kermit  Gargoyle Double Track Shot Luge  Cactus and Sombrero Double Track Shot Luge

Water Spigot  Cowboy Boot Shrimp Tower  Logo snowfilled and carved around on back of tray

Logo and Building  Personalized Waverly Heart on Back of Tray  Personalized Wine Glass

Waterford Vase  Holiday Inn Double Track Shot Luge  Custom 007  Logo

Duracell Battery Drink Luge  Custom Basketball Logo  Gnome Double Track Shot Luge

Golf Bag Shot Luge  Rainbow and pot of gold  Shots into mouth and into glass

Shrimp Tower with Logo and Custom Ceveche Holders

007 with Bottle Frozen Bullet Frozen   

Horse Jumping  Double Track Shot Luge with Friends Logo

Drink Luge with Citrus frozen into block  Personalized Open Shell

Corona Single Track Shot Luge with Double Bottle Holder  Individual Caviar Tin Display  Winged Man

Individual Plates  Car Wash Single Pour Drink Luge  Snowfilled Dragon Double Track Shot Luge

Custom Building  Building with Car  Carved Falcon

Custom Double Track Light Bulb Shot Luge  Custom Treasure Chest Shrimp Holder  Single Pour Drink Luge with V Lines

Snowfilled Logo with Cut Corners and Small Carved Cornucopia  Double Track Shot Luge with Bottle Frozen into Base and Wording down side  Snowfilled Logo on Abstract Base