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-Sunshine Matters -

Nautical Designs by

Ice Matters

- Decorative and Functional -

Seashells frozen into ice, open shell on each end of 120 inch tray

Double Track Shot Luge with seashells frozen into ice  Speed Boat

Fishing Boat  Personalized Anchor

Abstract Sails  Palm Tree with Setting Sun

Surf Board on 80 Inch Tray

Sailboat with Colored Burgee  Lighthouse on back of 40 inch tray

Ships Wheel snowfilled and carved around  Three Mast Ship  Anchor with Rope

Surf Board Single Double Track Shot Luge  Titanic Sinking - so sad

Treasure Chest  Carved Palm Trees on each side of Hammock

Sailboat Logo on wave base  Carved Submarine with Colored Flags  Single Pour Drink Luge with shells frozen into block and carved anchor in relief on front

Lighthouse  Nautical Theme 80 Inch Tray

Custom Single Pour Drink Luge with Snowfilled Sail  Abstract Shells Holding Shrimp Tower with Logo on Tray

Sailboat with dock and setting sun  40 Inch Tray with Boat on Smaller Tier

Abstract Palm Trees on each side of 80 inch tray with raised wave tray in center

Single Pour Mermaid Drink Luge  Whale Tail  Carved Mermaid