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- Time Matters -

Number Designs

by Ice Matters

Functional & Decorative

Multi Block James Bond Theme 50

Carved 50 with snowfilled wording under  Oval Logo with snowfilled personalization  Sweet 16 with name  

Carved 50 on angle  Carved Mask with plaque in front  Waverly Heart with Red Sand and snowfilled number on back of 40 inch tray

Snowfilled Art Deco Logo on Fan Base   Carved 16 on angle with snowfilled name under  Custom Sweet 16 oval logo

Custom Logo with Bottle Frozen into block  Carved Abstract Palm Trees with custom laminated and snowfilled plaque  Shot Luge with Carved 50 Base with wording down side

Little Mermail with 4 plaque  Oval Logo with silk flowers frozen into block  Lightning McQueen for first birthday

         Multi Block 60 with carving penguins  Carved fish with plaque in front

Custom Single Pour Drink Luge with Bottle and Picture in block  80 Inch Raw Bar with Open Shells and Carved 90

1 2 7 each carved out with logo on end  Double Track Shot Luge with Snowfilled 40 Rocky Base and wording down side

23 logo with silk flowers frozen into block  Custom Racing Logo  25 carved on angle with plaque in front

Carved 60 on angle with name under  125 carved out  Carved 50th on base with laminated picture in block

Each number from single block with custom plaque in front with picture  Juke Box   Large Art Deco Champagne Holder with 95 topper

Personalized logo with picture frozen into ice  Carved shoe with personalized base

Carved Anvil  Snowfilled logo with laminated butterflies in block

  Shell top with snowfilled 65  Snowfilled and laminated logo  Carved crown with personalized wording

          Vase on each side of logo with anniversary plaque

Gold 50 glitter with snowfilled wording  Snowfilled Owl logo  Carved 10 with wording under

  Carved 85 with snowfilled wording  Mother and Baby Swan with 18 and 50 plaque  Carved 20 on angle with plaque in front

Snowfilled Snowboarder with 13    Carved 375 on large base

   Snowfilled and carved around 30 with flowers frozen into personalized base  Carved 80 on angle with snowfilled logo in base  30 moon ice carving

Carved 50 on angle with picture in base  Carved 50 on angle with name snowfilled under and picture in base  Two Tier Tray with carved 50 and name

Carved Train with Carved year in front  Carved 21 on angle with snowfilled personalization in base  Ice Matters - Sailboat with Colored Burgee and Carved 125 in front