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Photo-Op and Hands-On Designs

by Ice Matters

  Ice Thrones on each side of Table

Make your own sand art on free standing table  Create your own sand art on free standing table

Personalized Fire and Ice Free Standing Frame  Free Standing Snowflake Photo Op with Snowflake Clusters on each side  

Surf Board and Shark  Personalized Photo Op

Create your own sand art trains

Customized Table and Benches  Custom Table and Benches  

Make your own sand art on free standing table  Personalized Elegant Photo Op with Abstract Palm Trees

VW Bus with Logo Photo Op  Detailed and Personalized Photo Op  VW Bus Photo Op with LogoGame of Thrones Ice Throne  Snowflake Throne with Elves on each side

Free Standing Circus Theme Photo Op  Throne Photo Op

Shell Seat  King and Queen Thrones