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- The Finishing Touch Matters -

Popular Theme Designs

by Ice Matters

- Decorative and Functional -

Snowfilled New York City Skyline  Cowboy Boot Single Track Shot Luge

  Large Flame Display  Phoenix in relief  Custom Shot Luge with Flames down track and 90 carved in relief

  Large Flames Candle Display  Large Flame Theme Candle Display

Castle single pour drink luge  Carved Mask  Las Vegas Logo  Royal Flush Drink Luge

Harry Potter Sorting Hat  Carved Shooting Star Cluster  Lego Movie Emmet  Single Pour Drink Luge with Snowfilled Mask and Personalization

James Bond 007 Two Block Design  Theater Masks  

Pharroah  Custom Marvel Logo  Carved Movie Camera

Tommy Gun  Genie Lamp with plaque in front

Eiffel Tower  Personalized Poker Chips

Treasure Chest with Logo on Back  Snowfilled Grapes logo  Classic Mickey Mouse on Back of 40 Inch Tray

Kryptonite Chest on back of 40 Inch Tray  Snowfilled Horse and Carriage Logo  Slot Machine Shrimp Tower  Cowboy Boot Shrimp Tower


International Accents on and in front of logo  Snowfilled Venice Logo Drink Luge  Tiki Mask

International Welcome Symbol   Peanuts  Personalized 007 Logo with Carved Pistol

Carved Empire State Building on each side of large logo  

Snoopy with personalized dog house drink luge  Emerald City

Scottish Dragon single pour drink luge  Taj Mahal Logo

Snowfilled International welcome Symbol    Big Top Circus  Sword  Hot air balloon Logo

    Saturday Night Fever Logo  Disco Night  Jukebox

Tri Wizard Cup  Rolling Stones  Leaning Tower of Pisa

  Food Theme Logo with Picture in ice  Decades Logo

Cinderella's Horse Drawn Coach

  Carved Wine Bottle with Grapes Frozen into Block  Alice in Wonderland Theme  Pot of Gold

  Chili Pepper with personalized base  James Bond 007 Pistol

Cinderella Slipper  Father Daughter Dance Logo

Parrot on each side or Margarita Glass

Liberty Bell  Eiffel Tower Logo  Art Deco Logo with Gold Glitter and snowfill

Cinderella Castle  Personalized Yoda

Alice (in Wonderland)