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- Love Matters -

Timeless Designs by

Ice Matters

Custom table placement display frozen into blocks with silk flowers and snowfilled snowflakes

Lovebirds on solid heart with initials and date  Oval Monogram with date in base  Initial Snowfilled and carved around

Heart with Names and Banner with Date  Snowfilled Initial and Date with silk leaves frozen into block  Lovebirds on Heart

Peacock  Wedding Dragon and Phoenix  Single Swan

Kissing Dolphins with name plaque in front  Oval Monogram on large personalized base  Kissing Angelfish

Single block kissing swans  Monogram with snofilled name and rings in gold glitter

Lovebirds on Solid Heart with Snowfilled Names  Diamond on Pillow  Double Pumpkins with Names

Double Hearts with Names  LOVE with names and date  Snowfilled Initial and hash tag with sunflowers frozen into block

Two Block Kissing Swans with Name Plaque  Swan on Heart  Two block Kissing Swans

Carved Bold H on Solid Base  Kissing Penguins with personalized heart  Heart Vase

Snowfilled Monogram with Oars on wave base  Personalized Birds with Heart in Center

Baby Grand Piano  Lord Ganesha

Single Heart with Snowfilled plaque in front  Personalized Two Block Heart  Mahavir Swamy

Stacked Hearts  Linking Hearts with Snowfilled name plaque  Lovebirds on Solid Heart with Silk Rose in block and Snowfilled Wording

Oval with snowfilled initial and abstract snowflake cluster on each side  Monogram with Silk flowers  Oval Initials with Gold Glitter

Oval Snowfilled Initial  Snowfilled names and initial  Snowfilled names with toasting glasses

Waverly Heart with Initials  Single Block Kissing Swans with Snowfilled name plaque  Waverly Heart with First and Last Names

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